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Pinly & Flau is an animated comedy webisode starring either the girl Pinly or her brother Flau, both aged 13. In every episode they end up in embarrassing and awkward situations that’ll make you laugh, groan and shiver while thinking that it reminds you of something you’ve experienced.

And maybe you’re right because all the episodes are based on real-life embarrasing experiences told by hundreds of tweens to the makers of Pinly & Flau.

Pinly is doing her homework at her best friend Shaddi’s house. She fancies Shaddi’s good-looking big-brother Chrisper and wants to make an impression. But going to the toilet with the paperthin hear-all door, is not how she dreams of making an impression. So she tries to hold it in, until she’s about to burst. When she finally can get into the toilet, it is blocked by a smelly big brown object, who refuses to go with the flush.
Pinly finds the shower-cabin to be the solution –if only one remembers to lock the door….
Flau’s sorta-dad,Willy invites Flau on a male-bonding trip to a safari-park. Not cool by Flau’s standards, but what’s worse is that they have to ride in Willy’s immensly un-pimped wreck of a car, who has a tendency of breaking down in the most unfortunate situations. And always when there’s an audience....
When the car decides to die among the wildlife of the safari-park, they are in a tight spot, until a horny camel takes a shine on the car.
Pinly is dead tired of the childish teddy bear-decorated cotton underwear that her mother buys for her. So along with her best friend, Shaddi, she tries out g-string panties at the mall.
Pinly wants to take an embarrassing photo of Shaddi in the fitting room, but unfortunately she bursts into the wrong fittng room, with a chubby lady in bra and panties. Pinly takes off running, but drops her mobile phone in the fitting room. And how do you get hold of your phone without running into angry naked lady again?
Flau has to go shopping for his mom, unfortunately she needs something beyond the the bare necessities: Menstruation-towels…! Flau finds that it’s not the coolest thing to carry around when he meets Luva from 5’th grade, who thinks the world of him as a skater.
Flau wants to impress her with his skating-skills, but unfortunately his efforts gets him in the way of a duck with contagious dhiarria.
Why are parents masters in public embarrasing behaviour? Dads especially! Pinly is at the movies with her dad, who’ll rather create a scene than admit that he’s sitting in the wrong seat. And he doesn’t hesitate to answer the phone in the middle of the film. Pinly wants to get out as soon as possible, but she’s got her period and is wearing her bright coloured trousers...
Flau has been drawing a little to much attention at the public pool causing the lifeguard, AKA “The Machine” to threaten with quarantine. So to keep under the radar Flau now goes there with his mum. Good plan, until the day where he unfortunately swaps bag with his mum so his bathing-gear is trapped inside the womens changing-area. And “The Machine” is on guard, watching him like a hawk.
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