The characters Pinly & Flau
Age: 13  

Hair: Fair blond

Eyes: Blue

Music: Britney, Chris Brown and Pussycat Dolls

Favorite expression: Like really

Most embarrasing moment: … many  :-b

Wishing for: The good-hair-day.  

Most annoying: When my Dad starts singing.... right there in the mall

Hates: When my mom starts showing my baby-pictures to my friends.

Boyfriend: No, but...well Shaddis brother Chrisper is kinda nice <3

Bad habits: The tendency of making a fool outta myself
Age: 13 

Hair: Brown and well-waxed 

Eyes: Brown

Style: Baggy jeans and XL-shirt

Music: Gangsta hiphop, Snoop Dogg and 50 cent.  

Favorite expressio: So uncool 

Most embarrasing moment: …like I wanna tell U that?

Best day: My first handstand. 

Most annoying: When my dad thinks he’s funny.

Hates: Whoever gave people the stupid impression, that homework is good for kids? That and my sorta-dad’s crabby old car.

Girlfriend: Girls digg me -I hope ;-)