Behind Pinly & Flau
Broadcasting & Financing
    Creator & Director Martin Strange-Hansen
        Won a student academy award 2002 for his     
        graduation film “Feeding Desire”.
        Won an academy award 2003, 
        Best Short Live-Action, for his short-film 
        “This Charming Man”.
         He has a rare talent for character-based
          comedy, with a twist.
The mobile-phone as a storytelling media provides with a great opportunity of interaktion and shareability, and besides beeing based on the target-audience’s own stories Pinly & Flau is planned to further increase the level of interaction and implement user-generated content in the making of the next seasons of the series.
The team behind Pinly & Flau wishes to thank the more than 300 kids & teens who have contributed to the first season of Pinly & Flau with embarrasing stories from their own lives.
Furthermor we’d like to thank everyone who has helped us in the hunt for photomaterial for the characters and design: Bagsværd Friskole, Brønshøj skole, Kastrup Dyrecenter, Kennel Streetrunner, Nordisk Films Biografer, La Senza, Wunderwear, Vesterbro Svømmehal.
A special thank goes to MobileVideoNet who helped with experiments on mass-distribution via bluetooth.